What, me worry? Four Days!

I know, I know. Saturday I said I’d be posting daily, and now it’s Monday. I fully intended to post yesterday, but then my son asked if he could come over for dinner last night instead of tonight. What am I going to say, no? When he wants to come over for dinner, he comes over for dinner. That’s that.

I didn’t quite get everything done on my massive to-do list, but I did get the camping equipment organized and made some headway on the cleaning. While I was debating on whether or not I really need to bring the lime squeezer, the length of time we’ll be gone began sinking in. We’re leaving our home for an entire month. And not a short, February-style month. This is a full-on 31 days. If I plant seeds before we leave they’ll have leaves when we get back. My travel size contact solution is too small. Travel size anything is too small. Our neighbors will have had at least five parties and the season will have officially changed from winter to spring by the time we return. I have to pack every pair of underwear I own.

We’re going to be gone for a long time.

I simultaneously want Friday to be here and am terrified of its arrival. There is still so much to do. I’ve got two big freelance jobs to complete, and I have to get posts scheduled for The Local Tourist. I simply will not have time to do anything but monitor.

With the exception of our week in San Diego we’ll be on the road for three to four hours a day. When we’re not driving we’ll be exploring, and when we’re not exploring or driving I’ll be writing, shooting, creating videos, and posting on social media. We really are trying to see as much as we possibly can in each destination we visit. We’re also trying to capture a diverse spectra, from ancient to modern, fun diners to fine dining, desert to mountain.

It’s going to be absolutely exhausting and exhilarating and I am excited beyond measure.

Four days. Three nights. Ninety hours. I guess I better get back to work, because those packing cubes aren’t going to pack themselves!

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