Show Me Shipshewana: a Guide to Indiana Amish Country


Are you ready for a relaxing getaway?

Show Me Shipshewana: a Guide to Indiana Amish Country invites you to step away from the frenzied pace of day-to-day life. You’re invited to relax. To eat (a lot). To enjoy connecting with your loved ones, with nature, and with yourself.

Show Me Shipshewana is more than a travel book; it’s a companion that invites you to experience the third largest Amish community in the world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s What’s Inside
  • Introduction to Amish Country
  • Who are the Amish, and why are there so many in Indiana?
  • Learn the stories of the towns of LaGrange County, including why there’s one named Mongo and how to pronounce Wolcottville (it’s not what you think)
  • Discover the proper etiquette when dining in an Amish home
  • Find out why their peanut butter tastes so darn good
  • How to navigate the Midwest’s largest flea market
  • Tips for shopping in Amish country
  • Go beyond the buggy: there’s more to see in Shipshewana
  • The basics: weather, best time to visit, etc
  • Answers to your FAQs about visiting
  • Suggested driving tours
And much more!
There are even planning and journal pages, so you can easily plan your trip to Shipshewana, and then remember everything you experienced long after you return home.

You’ll be amazed at how much Shipshewana offers. 

Publication date: September 15, 2023. E-book will be delivered automatically. Paperback will ship the week of October 2.
Shipping in the continental US is $5, or free for $40+


Shipshewana is more than just buggies and pie. It’s miles of trails and acres of lakes. It’s live entertainment and the biggest flea market in the Midwest. It’s fresh produce and fresh air. Feeding bison and filling your belly. Quilt barns and quilting bees. The polished feel of beloved antiques and the sharp scent of new handmade furniture.

If you’re ready for a peaceful place that invites you to slow down, unplug, and make yourself at home, you’re ready for Shipshewana. 


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