Lakeside Michigan: Jane Addams, Al Capone, and Fish Club

This town is home to great boutiques, historic visitors, fish club, and, of course, Lake Michigan.

By Blagica Bottigliero

We’d like you to get to know the town of Lakeside in Harbor Country.

Fun trivia for you: before I knew about Lakeside, I didn’t understand that this was the actual name of the town. I kept thinking/saying…’It’s all lake side, right?’

Ah, small town humor.

And with that, I’d like to invite you to get to know Lakeside, Michigan.

Lakeside is a village that has been popular with visitors going back decades. From Hull House founder Jane Addams, who owned property near today’s Chikaming Country Club, to Al Capone’s famous visits to Lakeside Inn, Harbor Country’s Lakeside is surprising bustle of a village, complete with its own association.

Two of the more popular events that the Association puts on are The Lakeside Easter Egg Hunt and the Independence Day Parade.  I love watching all of the decorated bikes (and scooters) going through town.

I mentioned the Chikaming Country Club. I am not a member, but I’m definitely intrigued that the Club has a replica of Shakespeare’s childhood home on the property, which doubles as the restaurant.

Like other towns in Harbor Country, you may see a shop or two on Red Arrow Highway, wander for a bit, and then move on. As I mentioned in other entries in this series – don’t!

In addition to a good amount of interior decor companies, Lakeside is home to some unique shops and businesses. You’ll also find a series of cottages and homes for rent for your Lake Michigan getaways.

Here are some of my other favorites places to visit in Lakeside, Michigan:

Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market

Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market
Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market

This is more than a fish shop. From fresh lasagna to their famous lunch sandwiches, the owners even have a handy board. The top of the board tells you which fresh fish they have in house. The bottom of the board has fish onsite that is frozen. What I love about Flagship is not just the service, but it’s also their Fish Buyer’s Club! Yep. Sign up for the fish club and you can have early access and better prices on supply that is delivered that weekend.

Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings

Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings
Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings

What seems like a low-key house off of Red Arrow, get ready to transport yourself into a gorgeous home decor shop. Every inch of the converted building offers goods for your house. Pillows, blankets and decor.

Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings
Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings

What is really special about Hearthwoods? Custom Furniture. From chairs to tables, I was blown away by the craftsmanship. They’ve been around for 25 years and I don’t see this stopping any time soon.

Lakeside Inn

This isn’t just any inn. The Lakeside Inn is a registered Historical Site and has its own private beach. With 30 rooms and a porch that spans 100 feet, the Inn manages to transport you back to simpler times. Complete with a ballroom, you may want to plan your next special event here.

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If you are in a shopping mood, there is plenty to keep you busy including Lakeside Antiques, AP Shop, Dewolfe’s Casual Clothing and Abigail Heche Jewels.  

Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market
Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market

I love the way the Lakeside is continuing the tradition of slowing things down, mixing it with textures and vibes of present day.  See you at fish pick up at Flagship!

About Blagica Bottigliero
Blagica (blah-gee-tsa) Bottigliero

After 20 years in Chicago, I moved back to my home state of Michigan, specifically Harbor Country. We love sharing the finds and treasures from this little corner of the Midwest. 

Get to know the Harbor Country town of Lakeside, Michigan. Home to great boutiques, historic visitors, fish club, and, of course, Lake Michigan | Michigan | Midwest Travel | USA Travel
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