Planning an Epic Road Trip: The Two Lane Gems Tour, Vol. 1

We've done it! We have tackled probably the most important issue we've faced so far in planning this epic road trip.

We've named it.

We’ve done it! We have tackled probably the most important issue we’ve faced so far in planning this epic road trip.

We’ve named it.

We’re calling this month-long (give or take), thirteen state (give or take) journey the…

Two Lane Gems Tour, Vol. 1

I’m actually a little embarrassed by how long it took to come up with this. Not only have I been using “Two Lane Gems” as a category on this site, but the initials are the same as mine – Theresa L. Goodrich. Sigh.

What’s the Vol. 1 about? Well, a good friend suggested it because she knows that this will be just the first of many epic road trips we’ll take for Drive By Towns. And now we don’t have to come up with a new name for each trip. Brilliant!

Personally, Vol. 1 has even more significance. We recently visited an independent bookstore in Asheville, NC, and for the first time I could picture a book I’d written on the shelves. The stories, the experiences, the places we go and the people we meet on this journey will be that book.

Of course, the bigger question is, do you even need a name? In our instance, yes. The idea behind this “Two Lane Gems Tour” is to document what we see, hear, and do, so that others can decide if they want to do the same. We’re testing the waters and the mountains and the deserts to help you find your next destination and to explore vicariously. Plus, if I’m going to write a book, I need a title, eh? For us, a name is a big deal, and I think we’ve found the perfect fit.

We’re leaving in FIVE WEEKS. There’s a lot to be done within that time, and I’ll be sharing our planning. I want you to feel like you’re joining us, at least virtually, for this incredible journey. I also want to provide resources to help you plan your own epic road trip, from tools for organizing and saving money to finding the best spots along the way to how to spend nearly every waking moment for a month with one person and not want to leave him (or her) at a lonely crossroads miles from the next ghost town.

Five weeks. Thirty-five days. It’ll be here before we know it, and I hope you’ll tag along!

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