Travel Writing

Tips and musings on writing in general and travel writing specifically

Here are some of my tips, insights, musings, and general freakings-out about being a writer in general, and travel writing specifically.

Author Theresa L. Goodrich at Elgin Winter Wonderland

We walked into the bookstore. It was the same one I'd entered a year and three months prior, the one where, for the first time, I envisioned my book on a shelf.

Steps to the Pacific Ocean

Sometimes you head in one direction without knowing where you're going, yet you still end up where you need to be.

Author Theresa L. Goodrich on her way to visit her first bookstore to pitch her book, Two Lane Gems

I exited through the double doors into a cloudy, gray morning and let the tears fall. I had done it. I had taken a big, giant, terrifying jump and survived. No one laughed at me.