A Dozen States, Dozens of Scenic Drives: Midwest Road Trip Adventures

Explore scenic drives in the heartland of America with experts from the Midwest Travel Network.

From the Great Lakes to the Great Plains, Midwest Road Trip Adventures helps you explore the heartland of America, one scenic drive at a time.

During the summer of 2020, I did something crazy. I know, I know, that’s not a big surprise to anyone who knows me, but this was next level, even for me.

What did I do?

I drove around Illinois – literally – over four and a half days. I slept in the back of an SUV at truck stops. I ate out of a cooler, drove from sunrise to sunset, and stopped at every roadside attraction and historical marker I could find.

Detour was my middle name as I took this spur and that spur, hunting for the next piece of kitschy Americana.

Fire breathing dragon in Kaskaskia Illinois on the National Road

Why, you ask? Was this some travel-starved attempt at normalcy? Did I really miss road trips that much?

Yes to both (which also won’t surprise anyone who knows me), but there was a bigger reason for this adventure:


This whirlwind trip became my chapter in an anthology dedicated to scenic drives in the heartland of America,

Midwest Road Trip Adventures!

Midwest Road Trip Adventures Second Edition

That first edition was released at the end of 2020. As you know, a lot’s changed since then, so my fellow authors and I decided we needed to edit, update, and release a new edition.

Midwest Road Trip Adventures, 2nd Edition takes travelers along some of the most storied highways and byways in the nation, including The National Road, the Great River Road and Route 66, to name a few. With scenic byways in every Midwestern state, this book helps you find adventure in the heartland of America.

You’ll discover historic lighthouses along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, canyons in Kansas, crystal clear springs in Michigan, Underground Railroad history in Illinois, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and authentic fish boils in Wisconsin’s Door County.

Movie fans will want to visit the ballpark from A League of Their Own in Indiana or tour Iowa covered bridges showcased in The Bridges of Madison County.

You’ll drive along the world’s largest freshwater lake in Minnesota, learn about North America’s largest powwow in Nebraska, stay in a wagon wheel motel in Missouri, and drive an enchanted highway in North Dakota.

These twelve states will surprise and astound you.

At over 400 pages, Midwest Road Trip Adventures, 2nd Edition, is bigger and better than ever.

New: basic maps help you decide which trips to add to your itinerary.

We’re all passionate about travel, about the Midwest, and about our states. It’s been a true pleasure to collaborate with this group, so much so that when we decided to publish an updated edition, I decided to be the publisher.

It’s been an honor to contribute to this book, and an even greater honor to be entrusted with publishing the second edition.

“We live here. We work here. Most of us grew up here. It’s more than just a place to us; it’s home. We know the attractions and love sharing stories about them. Who better to tell the stories of the Midwest than the people who live in its backyard?”

Lisa Dunham Trudell

You can order your copy from Amazon, or order directly from me and I’ll autograph it.

If you’ve got a road tripper in your life, or if you’re one yourself, this is the perfect book to get your motor running.

With over fifty scenic drives, you’re bound to find the perfect adventure. Get your copy and start planning your next road trip to remember today.

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