Happy National Travel and Tourism Week!

It’s National Travel and Tourism Week, and while we can’t travel now, we can still plan!

Celebrated annually the first full week in May, NTTW was created by Congress in 1983 to underscore the economic power of travel in the U.S.

The 37th NTTW (May 3-9) arrives at an opportune moment to unite the industry, celebrate its indomitable spirit and elevate the role it will play in America’s economic recovery.

“Through every hardship, I find myself in awe of the travel industry’s ability to join together, adapt, and emerge stronger than before,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “This is our toughest challenge yet, but what I’ve seen is that the spirit of travel has not been shattered.”

I’ve personally seen how much people miss traveling and are looking forward to visiting places again. In the last month we’ve had more than 5,300 interactions in our Facebook group. Each day is a different theme, and while it could seem sad, this has ended up being a happy place and an escape from the negativity. Just like travel.

Celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week

Virtual Road Trip

Tuesday, the U.S. Travel Association hosted a virtual road trip on Twitter. A state was featured every fifteen minutes, and it was a fun way to travel the country from home. I might have gotten a little carried away. Here a just a few of the tweets I shared!

National Tourist Appreciation Day

Wednesday is National Tourist Appreciation Day, so I invited destinations to shoot a quick video saying thank you for visiting, either in the past, or, hopefully, in the future.

Featured Destinations:

National Tourism Day

Thursday is National Tourism Day, so I invited travel writers to share what they love about travel!

Featured Websites:

Not to sound like a broken record (but I’m going to anyway): this is a challenging and frightening time for my industry, but if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the desire to travel. We will be able to travel again, and in the meantime, we can dream and we can plan, so that when it’s safe, we’re ready.

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Celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week
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