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The Local Tourist provides tons of information about places to go and things to do. It is and always will be free to use, but we've also got to keep the lights on. To that end we form relationships with various companies. Because TLT is your site, we carefully select companies that we think are a good match. We also let you know when there's some sort of arrangement. Here's how:

Affiliate Relationships

If you see an asterisk * next to a link, it means that we've got an affiliate relationship with the company on the other side. If you click on that link and buy something, be it a ticket to an event or pre-paid parking or what have you, we get a little bit in return. It's that company's way of saying "Thank you" to us for sending them your business. 

Banner Ads

There are two 728x90 ads on the page, one near the top and one near the bottom. There are also a couple of 300x250 ads in the right sidebar. We're compensated for those either by the number of times they're seen or if you click on them. These advertisers are based on the content on the page, or (in the case of Adsense ads) on your search history. If you ever see one that's offensive to you, please and let us know.

Text Ads

There's one at the very top of the page and it says "Ad:" 


If you to our emails you'll receive invitations to cool event or offers from one of our vetted partners. If we're hosting the event, the email begins with "You're Invited". If the email is from a partner you'll see [SPONSORED] in the subject line or a message in the footer of the email. We also include one to two ads in the weekly newsletter of things to do and in our News & Views digest.

Social Media

We also share affiliate and client links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. When we do, we'll use either #aff (affiliate) or #cl (client) to denote the relationship.

You can see all of our advertising options and our rates at .

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