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Heidi has a diverse background in both performing arts as well as office management. How does that work? Well she was raised by creative yet organized parents. Heidi has a background in dance (ballet, jazz, tap, modern as a child, a bit of ballroom, west coast swing, and a lot of salsa as an adult), a degree in music performance (classically trained flautist), and dabbles in musical theater and photography. She also has about 15 years experience as an office manager and executive assistant which she feels has made her a well-rounded gal. You can find Heidi volunteering throughout the community, attending any number of cultural events, or just wandering around the great city of Chicago captering life through the lense of her camera.

Yowzie - image by Sharen Bradford

So, it’s a rare weekend for you in that you have no evening plans. Well, fret no more!

Maestro Mei-Ann Chen, photo by Chris Ocken

The , beloved to Chicago and internationally acclaimed, opened its 2

Milagro Anchorita

There is no shortage of excellent food in the City of the Big Shoulders. Eating out is often a tie between visiting an old favorite or trying something new.

The Humans - at American Theater Company

Ah, the holidays.  They seem to bring out the best, and sometimes worst, in people. It is especially poignant when you are with family.

Heartland Cafe

Opera and beer are not a common combination, but come this Tuesday you will be able to enjoy them both simultaneously.

What began a quarter century ago as a solitary performance at Northwestern University has developed into year-round performances and the largest organization in the world dedicated to conserving an

If you don’t live under a rock, then you have heard all about Chicago public schools.  Collaberaction Theatre Company takes a hard look at the issues in an intense 90-minute show. 

Chicago Sinfonietta began its 27th season on Monday with much pomp and circumstance. Maestro Mei-Ann Chen, residing on the conductor’s podium since 2011, elegantly and passionately led this small but fierce orchestra through some beautiful classical standards.

BalletX - photo by Matthew Murphy

is the premier contemporary ballet company in Philadelphia.

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