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Zoran “Hungry Z” Sopcic is a local Chicagoland food critic, with an eye to the everyday person. His belief that the suburbs deserve notice in the Chicagoland food game has brought increased exposure to the suburban culinary scene. This exposure and commitment to both the city and suburbs earned him a place on the  in early 2008. With his passion for food and personable demeanor, Hungry Z has earned both  and web based media appearances. In addition to  and , Hungry Z is also a regular contributor to the  section of . As of 2010, Hungry Z is now the weekly suburban food writer for  . So keep reading, tell your friends, and keep your eyes open, because you never know where you’ll spot Hungry Z next!

You know what Schaumburg needs? An Olive Garden? Nope, got one of those. A Red Lobster? Red Robin? California Pizza Kitchen? No, no, and no.

Starting Monday November 11th Perry’s Steakhouse will open its doors in Oakbrook.

Calling all food truck fans! I know you love food trucks but don’t you wish you could get a tamale from one truck and a grilled cheese from another?

So what’s the hottest trend in dining nowadays? If you said food trucks then you’re right!


Do you love weddings? How about the receptions? What if I told you that you can enjoy everything you love about wedding receptions minus the gift and oh yeah the bride and groom?

Do you always have time to make a good breakfast? Ever don’t feel like it?

The burger scene is blowing up everywhere now! Used to be a day when getting a burger meant going to a fast food joint for some cheap meat slapped between a bun.

You like donuts, don’t you? Did you know that Americans eat close to 10 billion donuts every year? That's an average of 35 donuts per person every year! So where do you get your fix?

We are a country that loves burgers. In fact, the average American eats 3 burgers on average each week! So if we are gonna eat ‘em then they might as well be good, right?

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