Travel Tips

Save time, money, and aggravation with these travel tips, designed to make your exploration more fun.

Mississippi Crafts Center

With all of the tools at our fingertips nowadays, travel planning is simultaneously easy and overwhelming.

Japanese Gardens in Balboa Park

TripAdvisor Attractions allows you to book attractions, tours, and experiences directly from their platform. Here's how to use it to be a Local Tourist.

The ultimate road trip planner - everything you need to know to plan your upcoming road trip

As you get ready to hit the road, these road trip planner tips will help make your trip smoother. Find out what to do before you go, the essentials for your road trip, and a wish list of tools.

Learn how to plan a road trip with roadtrippers. This free tool makes planning a road trip easy, and can even show you how much gas will cost.

Route 66 Halfway Point

Choosing road trip destinations can be difficult, but if you follow these four simple steps you can narrow down where you want to go.

Red truck on an open road

Gas is one of the biggest expenses of any road trip. If you're taking a road trip, here's how you can use a free app to find the best gas prices and save money.

Jim and Theresa at Joshua Tree overlooking the Salton Sea

Our night in Winslow was gloriously uneventful. We booked a cheap motel instead of camping as originally planned, found a local pizza buffet, and by 8 o’clock I was in bed. GLORIOUS, I tell you.

Red truck on an open road

One of the biggest expenses of any road trip is gas.

A road trip does more than just take you from point A to B. It teaches you and changes you. Here are some life lessons learned from an epic road trip.