TLT is a Happy Place

If you've been on The Local Tourist for any time at all you might have noticed one thing: there are no negative reviews. There's no drama; there's no snark; there's no sarcasm (unless it's really clever and no one's hurt), and there's no negativity.

We are a happy place.

This is entirely and completely intentional. You see, we believe that there is already enough negativity and snark and drama and sarcasm and bullying to fill a gazilion publications - and they do. You can find negativity almost everywhere.

But not here.

TLT's founder and publisher got her degree in Journalism. She was all geared up to be the next best investigative journalist and right all the wrongs, until she realized that she might have a greater impact by making more rights. That's why The Local Tourist is a Happy Place. This is where you come when you want to find something fun, something to make you smile, something to create memories that make it into the scrapbook or Snapchat or Instagram or whatever social medium you use. While we do offer some criticism when warranted, it's more of the "hey, you might want to know this" variety than "what a bunch of bloomin' idiots" rampage.

While we add several events ourselves, our events calendar is primarily populated by the event hosts themselves. If we didn't add it you can see who posted it right on the listing. We have a whole section just for PR companies to share their clients' news, so you know it's coming directly From the Source

And, we've got a team of contributors who share their recommendations with you, and you can rest assured that these are the same recommendations they'd give their best friends. Does our team pay to attend the events we cover? Most of the time, no. Do we accept advertising? Yes. Do we write sponsored posts? A limited number. But we always let you know and we ONLY share places and experiences in which we truly believe. If we wouldn't do it, go there, eat there, drink there, we  won't recommend that you should, either.

We believe in transparency. We believe in integrity. We believe that everyone needs a drama-free zone with recommendations they can trust and a place that's just about having fun.

The Local Tourist is a happy place. We hope we make you happy, too!

Thanks to Donna Binbek for the fun photo of TLT's founder, Theresa Carter Goodrich!