Road Trip Planner: Before You Go

When you’re getting ready to hit the road, there are a few things you should take care of before you leave. These simple steps will take any worry off your mind so you can truly enjoy your road trip. 

Let someone know you’ll be gone

Before you leave let someone know that you’ll be gone and for how long. Even better if he or she can check in on your home every now and then, just to make sure the place doesn’t seem like it’s empty, even if it is.

Get a timer for your lights

Whether you’ve got a smart home, a digital timer, or just an old fashioned dial timer (what we have), setting the lights to turn on and off according to your regular pattern also keeps your home from seeming empty. This is particularly important when the days grow shorter.

Put your mail / paper on hold

If you’re going to be gone longer than a few days be sure to put your regular deliveries on hold. For one thing, if your letter carrier has to jam in this week’s circulars on top of last week’s they’ll be none too happy.

Clean out your refrigerator

Unless you’re running a science experiment, cleaning out your refrigerator before a long trip is a really, really good idea.

Take out the trash


Take your auto in for a checkup

Getting the tires checked, the oil changed, testing the battery, etc., will give you some priceless peace of mind before you head out.

Download music and podcasts

Take advantage of your home wifi to download your playlist and podcasts before you go. That way when you run into static-land you’ve got something to keep you entertained besides the passing scenery.

Next in my Road Trip Planner is my list of road trip essentials. What are your tips for things you should do before you take a road trip?