Premium Event Listing Package

Do you host and post frequent events? Then our new Premium Event Listing Package is just what you need!

With our Premium Event Listing Package you'll give your events marquee treatment. You'll get five Premium Event Listings for the price of four, saving 20% on your event marketing budget.

What's a Premium Event Listing, you ask?

What you get

Basic Event Listing

Premium Event Listing

Event contact information: neighborhood, address, phone, email, website

Map of location

Link to Facebook, Twitter

Link to Ticket Site with visible “Get Tickets Now” button

Description of event

1,000 characters


HTML Editing


Images on Listing



Your event rotated on the home page of The Local Tourist


   Your event rotated on the Featured Evens page


Your event on your competitors' pages


NO competitors' listings on your page


Your listing receives Premium Placement in your category sections


Premium Placement of your listing in your neighborhood section


Two posts on The Local Tourist's Facebook page


Two tweets from @thelocaltourist



Our Premium Event Listings are a steal at $29 each. With our Premium Event Listing Package you can get five events for just $116, or $23.20 each! Once you order your package you'll receive a special code to use for five Premium Event Listings at checkout, and this code will never expire.


Order your Premium Event Listing Package today and give your events the marquee treatment they deserve.