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Head over to the and catch a performance of Bernard Shaw’s: Heartbreak House. Enjoy the dysfunctional family fun that occurred at Heartbreak house one afternoon in 1917, Sussex, England.

Spiaggia Smelt

Chefs are celebrities in Chicago. With their skill and talent, they’re lauded almost as much as movie stars and athletes.

After 6,479.5 miles and 144 hours 31 minutes in the car, Sunday evening Jim and I returned home. It's Tuesday, and we've unpacked Mae and said goodbye to that trusty companion.

(CYC), Chicago’s largest independent youth and family services or

Dylan's Candy Bar

Here's a sweet deal for you: get 53% off at Dylan's Candy Bar! You can choose from more than 7,000 types of candy from around the world. That's a LOT of candy!

Yesterday we crossed the 5,000 mile mark. We watched Mae's tripometer as it rolled over to that nice, round number and shouted a celebratory woohoo!

The annual celebration of all things chicken wings hit Chicago. And the flavors have us clucking for joy! If you are a wing fan, this yearly event is a must for you.

Euan Morton as Hedwig  Photo by Joan Marcus

“It is clear that I must find my other half.  But is it a he or a she? ...What does this person look like?  Identical to me?  Or somehow complementary?”

One Earth Film Fest, the Midwest's premier environmental film festival, is back for its 6th annual run, March 3-12, 2017.

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I recently had the had the pleasure of attending

The good times were rolling inside Chicago's STK on Fat Tuesday.

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I was recently given a mission by Agent Eyelash to meet at the newest located in Ch

We made it! We're in Oceanside, California, at Jim's parents' for a week. This trip may be all about the journey, but this is certainly a delightful destination.

"It was an early morning yesterday.
I was up before the dawn.
And I really have enjoyed my stay.
But I must be moving on."

The estate

Long Meadow Ranch together with TENZING hosted a wine dinner to help introduce its new Anderson Valley property and wines to the Chicago market.

Midwest Rum Festival

The fascinating thing about liquor is that five people can take the same basic ingredients, use the same basic process, and create five completely different results.

It’s almost Fat Tuesday and the beginning of Lent – a time to celebrate and sacrifice.

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