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Congratulations to Lavazza! Ferran Adria created "Espesso" for the coffee cafe, and it was named by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions for 2006.

Macy's is keeping the Marshall Field's holiday traditions alive, including the famous window displays. Tomorrow the story of Mary Poppins is unveiled.

Not for this week's band, but you should do that also.

Down the road from the madness of Rush & Division, and around the corner from the rush of Michigan Avenue, the Sea Of Happiness has been an island of tranquility for over 20 years.

On November 1, a month ahead of schedule, the outbound express lanes from 31st to 71st Streets will reopen on the Dan Ryan.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications closed its Chicago Cultural Center location two years ago. It's new home will be at Kinzie and State.

And congratulations to Disonic. 92.5% said Keep 'Em!

And congratulations to Disonic. 92.5% said Keep 'Em!

My friend Mike winters in Florida, so before his departure last Saturday he wanted to play the tourist. Since I am the Local Tourist, I was more than happy to accompany him.

No matter how enlightened, open-minded, and liberal I think I am, ethnocentrism sometimes rears its ugly head.

A long-time associate sent the following email. Please, if you have any information, contact Susan at 312.226.3500 or [email protected]

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Everyone's heard of the Freshman Fifteen. New residents to Chicago experience a similar phenomenon, which I like to call the Windy City Where Did My Waist Go.

I am a geek. I was in Latin Club. I played chess competitively in 5th grade. I was in orchestra and marching band. I was drum major of the marching band.

By Rebecca Taras

My son is spoiled rotten when it comes to eating out. He had sushi when he was two, prefers a Kansas City Strip over a filet, and his favorite appetizer is shrimp cocktail.

I like fermented grapes.

But The Chicago Theatre might get them reduced to justifiable homicide. Here's how:

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