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The Humans

There is a notion rumbling around the internet that the number one killer of relationships is not arguments about money or sex but unmet expectations.  Whether with a partner or a friend, a parent

Japanese Gardens in Balboa Park

TripAdvisor Attractions allows you to book attractions, tours, and experiences directly from their platform. Here's how to use it to be a Local Tourist.

On the way out of Tonopah, Nevada, we saw a warning sign: “Next Gas Station - 94 miles.” That in no uncertain terms me

The Local Tourist founder and publisher, Theresa L. Goodrich, enjoying some bubbly on the Verde Canyon Railroad

The Local Tourist is the 19th top travel blog in the world for 2018, according to The site, run by world-renowned photographer and travel writer Gary Arndt, ranked more than 250 websites.

The close-up magic bar, featuring the bump out.

The Chicago Magic Lounge opens Thursday and features close-up magic and world-class illusionists - if you can find it.

The Draft Room at Kings Dining & Entertainment in Rosemont defies bowling alley food stereotypes.

"Love Never Dies" at Cadillac Palace Theatre is a stunning production with an exemplary cast, even if the plot is a bit predictable.

Jim and Theresa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

364 days ago at 8:37 a.m. my husband and I pulled onto Big Timber Road.

The day’s agenda had one item: Mesa Verde National Park. Once again, we had no idea where we were sleeping that night, although we did know it would be someplace with plumbing.