Taste Test the Official Moonshine of Harley-Davidson

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 2:50am

The Milwaukee Rally starts Thursday night with Bike Night at the Harley-Davidson Museum and expands into a full of street parties, classic rock, and chrome as far as the eye can see.

A special edition to this year’s rally is pop-up moonshine experience from Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine at the H-D Museum.

Before you call this just another event booth, Ole Smoky recently became the official moonshine of Harley-Davidson. The partnership includes launch of Harley-Davidson Road House Custom, Charred Ole Smoky Moonshine.

If you’ve never had a mason jar full of Tennessee moonshine, this is a chance to try a “Smoke and Coke” and other cocktails crafted with Charred Moonshine. MOTOR Bar & Restaurant at the Museum will also be offering Ole Smoky cocktails all weekend.

Bonus: The H-D Museum is also hosting the Motor Company’s first public showing of the new 2015 models.

Remember to drink responsibly and keep the shiny side up. 

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400 Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53201
How much: $18 adults 18 - 64, $10 children 5 - 17, $12 seniors 65+
The exhibits showcase the history of H-D since its founding in 1903, exploring American history, the history of technology, military history and much more.

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