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This weekend the streets of Chicago will be taken over by hundreds of thousands of runners as they compete against each other and themselves.

Balvenie Tun 1509 Chicago Wingo

I know how to drink whiskey. I’m a cigar smoking post-middle-aged bookish guy and so are my friends so believe me: I’ve had white-whiskered Scotch nerds stop me in mid-sip to explain why I was doing it wrong. And this matters. Scotch is a spirit with considerable lore.

Chicago Gourmet

Chicago Gourmet celebrated its 10th anniversary with a champagne fueled feast for all senses set in Millennium Park.

Flower Fields at Point Loma in San Diego, California

By the time we arrived in Oceanside we had traveled 3,175.8 miles and spent 70 hours and 45 minutes in the car. If we’d driven straight through from Elgin it would have been a little over 2,000 miles and it would have taken less than half the time.

We liked our way better.

House of Torment-Chicago

I’m not easily spooked. I’m afraid of two things: elbow cancer and terminal writer’s block so I want to be really clear about my visit last night to the House of Torment in Morton Grove: that was not me doing all that shrieking. I was NOT afraid.

Taste Talks returns to Chicago with a weekend of events for foodies.

Fall Events in Chicago

Summer is an incredible time to be in Chicago, but the fun doesn't stop when the calendar hits September 21. There is always something exciting to do in the Windy City, and fall is no exception.

Oktoberfest in Chicago is kind of a big deal. If you had any doubt about the influence the city's German population has on our culture that goes out the window every fall. Of course, it could also be that we just love beer. (We do.) And sausages. (Those, too.)

El Tapeo in Oak Brook relaunches with a focus on flavorful Spanish cuisine made with simple ingredients

El Tapeo in Oak Brook relaunches with a focus on flavorful Spanish cuisine made with simple ingredients


Eat something, you are skin and bones! The long anticipated Steingold's of Chicago appetizing store has finally increased hours and production for all your appetizing needs! Bagels? Lox? Pastrami? Herring? Steingold's has you covered.

Windy City Wine Festival

Sip, savor, repeat! And if you do it outside, in the sunshine, next to a glorious fountain, all the better. Want to know how? Enter Windy City Wine Festival, in its 13th year.

Riot Fest and Carnival came to a close last weekend and it was the perfect way to wrap up the summer concert season in Chicago. This annual festival, that’s held at Douglas Park, is the pinnacle of musical events.

Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea in Imperial County, California

If this road trip taught me nothing else, it taught me how little I know about my country. Not just about its history, because you could live multiple lifetimes and not learn all the stories, but about the land itself. Every day was a new environment.

Free admission with Smithsonian's Museum Day Live! to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and other Chicago area attractions

Saturday, September 23, 2017, it's time to be a Local Tourist. Museum Day Live! returns with free admission at museums all over the country. Smithsonian magazine has partnered with Microsoft to bring you a day of education, learning, and fun, for free!

The Center of the World in Felicity, California

I’m a morning person. My grandma loves to tell people that even when I was a baby I’d wake up smiling. A previous roommate had a no-talking rule until she’d showered, and Jim frequently tells me to slow down until he’s had a chance to wake up.

The kids from West Bev are back.

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