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San Diego Air & Space Museum

February may be the shortest month of the year, but you can still pack plenty into a few weeks. It's San Diego Museum Month, and over forty museums are offering half-price admission for the entire month. 

Boats and grasses on Lake Michigan, Harbert, Michigan - photo credit John Menard

Harbert, Michigan, is Harbor Country’s mini slice of Scandinavia. It’s been a secret to many, and if you close your eyes, you might miss the Harbert sign.

Red Cedar Lodge - luxury cabins in winter

Iowa surprises me every time I visit. It shouldn't. I've been to the state often enough to know better. It's like the straight-A student who gets another A; after awhile, you just expect her to get that top grade. 

Meet The Local Tourists - Sage Scott of Everyday Wanderer

One of my favorite things about being a travel writer, besides the whole travel and writing part, is meeting others in my field.

Badlands National Park

See what it's like to experience Badlands National Park in South Dakota in this ​excerpt from my upcoming book, "Two Lane Gems, Vol. 2." 

Jim and Theresa bicycling on the Great River State Trail in Wisconsin

When Jim and I planned our Northwest U.S. road trip, we knew our bikes were coming with us.

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

In the northeast corner of Wyoming in a county called Crook is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States.

Old Capitol Building and Museum in Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature

Did you know Iowa City is a UNESCO City of Literature in Iowa? Discover why it received this designation, and other reasons to visit the home of University of Iowa.

Vendor at Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago

If you're looking for a festive place to celebrate the holidays, check out the best Christmas towns in US. From coast-to-coast, travel writers share their favorite place to spend Christmas.

Road to Great Sand Dunes National Park

A seasoned road trip enthusiast shares her essential free road trip apps. From before you go to while you're on the road, these free apps will help your road trip go a lot smoother so you can have more fun.

Iowa storm in the distance - it was a dark and stormy afternoon

It was a dark and stormy afternoon.

That's my intro (so far) for book two of my Great American Road Trip series, Two Lane Gems.

Snoopy. I'm channeling Snoopy.

Check out why you need to visit Kenosha Wisconsin

I'm ashamed to admit that for nearly two decades, any time I'd head to Milwaukee I'd drive right by Kenosha, Wisconsin. Once or twice I stopped at Mars Cheese Castle. I flew past the Brat Stop.

Morning Coffee and Journal at Deer Lake, Washington

I'm not freaking out. Nope. Not at all. I've got this, I say. I scribble it on my whiteboard in all caps. I'VE GOT THIS. I breathe deep. Pace. Pour a rum and diet. Glance at the whiteboard and scoff. Take a sip.

And write.

Lighthouse in Southwest Michigan

Explore Southwest Michigan wineries and breweries and see why the region should be on any foodie, wine-lover, and beer-fan’s itinerary.

Schwinn bicycles on island in Fox River, Elgin

Traveling with your bicycle on a road trip gives you freedom and the opportunity to experience the places around you with all of your senses. And you don't have to be 20 to do it.

Fountain at Ridgeland, Mississippi

You might say I'm a wee-bit Type-A. I want everything organized. I feel a jolt of glee every time I check a color-coded box - and it is always color-coded. This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

Author Theresa L. Goodrich at Elgin Winter Wonderland

We walked into the bookstore. It was the same one I'd entered a year and three months prior, the one where, for the first time, I envisioned my book on a shelf. I didn't know the name of my book, or even what it would be about besides our upcoming road trip.

One of the most spectacular places in the US is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. After moving to the area in 2014, my parents quickly became members.

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