Liquid Inspirations Events

Liquid Inspirations Events bring "libationists" together in an exclusive, intimate setting. Each restaurant or bar we visit takes care to show off its best, and each experience is exquisite. Whether it's focused on a specific liquor or has a fun theme, each event is unique and is an ideal way to explore Chicago's cocktail scene without spending a fortune. You'll try a selection of carefully crafted drinks made with artisanal spirits and paired with bites that go far beyond your typical bar food. Each event is different, but the one thing that’s the same is the camaraderie and fun from sharing this experience. Of course, the best parts of the night are the interaction with the bartender and the new friendships formed!

You can join in the fun and make it even more affordable with a Liquid Inspirations Membership. You'll receive ten tickets for the price of eight, plus you'll be the first notified of new events and will get to save your seat before anybody else. We guarantee your spot up to a week before the event. You can attend ten events on your own or you can bring a friend. It's also perfect for couples: you've got five built-in date nights.

The nitty gritty:

  • Membership includes ten tickets to Liquid Inspirations Events
  • Maximum of two tickets may be used per event
  • RSVP is required a minimum of one week before event to guarantee your spot
  • Membership is valid for two full years
  • Membership is transferable. If your membership is about to expire, or if you just want to share it with a friend, you're free to do so.
  • Membership is only $240, which gives you two free tickets
  • Occasionally we'll host premium events with a higher ticket price. Members pay the difference between that price and $30.

Join this exclusive club today and start your tour of Chicago's Liquid Inspirations Events!

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