Full Disclosure

The Local Tourist provides tons of information about places to go and things to do. It is and always will be free to use, but we’ve also got to keep the lights on. To that end we form relationships with various companies. Because TLT is your site, we carefully select companies that we think are a good match. We also let you know when there’s some sort of arrangement.

Here’s how:

Affiliate Relationships

The Local Tourist has partnered with several companies that provide just the sort of products and services travelers need. Whether it’s hotel rooms, tickets to attractions, guide books, or guided tours, we’ve developed relationships to make planning your adventures easier. If you click on one of our affiliate links and buy something, we get a little bit in return at no extra cost to you. It’s that company’s way of saying “Thank you” to us for sending them your business. We disclose at the beginning of each post when affiliate links are present.

Banner Ads

There are banner ads sprinkled throughout The Local Tourist provided through an exclusive arrangement with Mediavine.

Text Ads

Any text ads are prefaced with “Ad:”.


If you subscribe to our emails we may occasionally send a sponsored blast.

Social Media

We also share affiliate and client links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. When we do, they’re tagged with #ad and/or #sponsored.

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