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Guest Posting on The Local Tourist

The Local Tourist accepts guests posts. Each submitted guest post is evaluated based on content, relevance, and readability. If your post is approved by our editors it could appear on our News section and on our home page as one of our featured news items. It could also be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. In return, we ask that you share with your social media networks as well.

Why should I guest post on The Local Tourist?

Because we rock! Seriously, though...not only do we have excellent Google rankings, our Domain Authority is a healthy 48, which means you'll get some decent link juice to your site. Your post will also be shared to our social followers, with a reach of over 150,000 people. We may also elect to share your post on our Instagram account, too (so make sure you have an awesome photo)!

What types of posts do you accept?

We're looking for three types of posts:

  1. Mini-city guides to anywhere! These can be suggested itineraries, dining guides, eat/play/stay round-ups, etc. Reviews of individual attractions, restaurants, and accommodations will not be considered unless they're in one of our existing city sites.
  2. Travel Tips. Do you have outstanding travel tips? Share them on The Local Tourist!
  3. Posts that are specific to Chicago. These could be individual restaurant, attraction, or accommodation reviews; round-ups; suggested itineraries; highlighted people and/or businesses, etc. If selected, these posts will appear on the Chicago subdomain as well as on the main domain.

What types of posts are not allowed?

Please do not submit any posts with affiliate links or those that have been sponsored in any way, including with free product and/or travel*. We post those ourselves (with the proper FTC disclaimer, of course!) and any guest posts are strictly editorial. Any user who attempts to post sponsored or affiliate content will be banned.

*An exception would be if you've gone on a FAM trip and already posted about the experience on your own site.

Do you accept duplicate content?

While original content is preferred, we DO accept duplicate content. We'll post a link at the bottom of your post stating "This was originally posted on {insert your domain here}."

Do you accept sponsored posts?

The Local Tourist does not accept sponsored guests posts from advertisers and businesses looking to increase their reach through content directed at our targeted audience. If you are interested in advertising, please request a media kit

Do you have an author box?

Yes. It's pulled from your TLT profile, so be sure to add a good photo and include a brief bio in the Signature field when you create an account. If these two aren't filled out, we won't be able to publish your post.

How will I know if my post is published?

If we can use your post we'll send you an email letting you know and will provide the publication date. We'll also send you the URL so you can schedule your social media shares.

I want to contribute regularly. Do I have to fill out this form each time?

So you want to be a regular contributor, with all the coolness and perqs that come with it? Great! Please fill out our TLTeam application!

I can't see the form - how do I apply?

You must be a registered user and logged in to submit your application. When you register you'll receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the message you receive and then return to this form.

More questions? Contact us!

Thanks for considering TLT!

PR Companies: if you would like to submit a post for your clients please apply to our "From The Source" program.