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There is so much to do in our great city, but I am here to give you the healthy perspective. Some of you may know me as SKoFit on Twitter. I take a holistic approach, educating with smart eating choices and a non-traditional approach to exercise. The biggest obstacle for most people is eating out and finding time to exercise. I often am asked how I can stay fit, but still dine out. It all boils down to creating balance, while learning to be selective when you do indulge. Ever bored with your workouts? Then you need to think outside the box and go out of your comfort zone.

I was born and raised in Chicago, growing up in the West Rogers Park neighborhood. While I lived in Chicago all my life, I rarely explored the city like most tourists do. What makes our city unique is that it is very accessible, whether you walk, bike, run, drive, or take public transportation. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics.

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