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About Me

I’m a writer with a background in…well, everything. I started out doing news writing, moved onto feature/magazine writing and have most recently been involved in marketing and social media (emphasis on blogging).

Personally, I like to refer to myself as a “small-town-city-girl-foodie-beer-nerd.”

I moved to Chicago from a tiny city two years ago. What my hometown in the Upper Peninsula lacked in public transportation and opportunity for a young journalist like myself, it made up for in great food and beer (as well as hockey, but that’s beside the point). Although many things in the city were overwhelming to me, I had a predetermined love for all things I could eat or drink. I’ve been exercising my sense of taste throughout Chicago since day numero uno. Whether it is an extremely exotic dish at a popular restaurant, an innovative brew coming out of a local brewery or a brand new restaurant showing its stuff on opening night, I’m always up for the latest challenge.

While working in the craft beer industry has kept me engrossed with that side of Chicago culture, I don’t discriminate. In addition to writing, I have a background in music, theatre and dance. Needless to say, those are other areas of the city I have made myself knowledgeable in. I love Chicago along with everything it represents, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop exploring.

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