[user:name]: Exciting News from The Local Tourist, plus special offer from Steppenwolf for tonight's "Tribes"

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We know you're busy so we'll make this quick. We've got some exciting things happening over here at The Local Tourist and cannot wait to share it with you!

Our first big news? Our brand new neighborhood sections! Just pick a neighborhood and you'll be able to see recent news and upcoming events and find a nearby restaurant or boutique. You can even share photos and soon, videos. Check out the River North neighborhood for a taste.

Our next big news - and this is HUGE, if we do say so ourselves - is that we're very, very close to finishing our new site design. We'll be clean and crisp, and most importantly you'll be able to use us on any device you own! Desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone - you name it, you'll be able to get your hyper-local news, events, business listings and more any time and anywhere.

Steppenwolf Theatre's "Tribes"And finally, as an official Local Tourist (you are registered, after all), we know you love to go out and explore this city. That's why we'll be sharing, once a week, special offers from the businesses that make Chicago great. For example, tonight you can get 2-for-1 tickets to see Steppenwolf's "Tribes". This incredible show is closing Saturday and Friday's show is already sold out! Simply click this link and use code 15818 to get your tickets for half price. This is for tonight's show only, so hurry!

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Experience the fascination of a tourist; Feel the comfort of the local.

Experience the fascination of a tourist; feel the comfort of the local.