Review Businesses - Win Prizes

Did you know you can review businesses on The Local Tourist? You can! And now we're saying "thank you" when you do. By leaving reviews you're helping fellow Local Tourists figure out where to go, and we think that deserves a reward.

To that end, we've got gift certificates and discounts at local businesses and we want you to have them. All you have to do is review five businesses. They don't have to be big long write-ups, but they do need to be more than "I love this place!" or "This place stinks." Tell us why you love or hate each place!

Each Monday we'll pick winners from everyone who's added five or more reviews. (Who knows - we may even have more stuff to give away!) As long as you keep reviewing, we'll keep rewarding, so stay tuned to see what we're giving away next.

How to enter: 

Check out our directory of businesses in Chicago to find places that you want to review! Then review a minimum of five businesses. That's it!

To enter you must be a registered member of The Local Tourist and 18+ years of age. You must also provide a United States mailing address within five business days of receiving notification that you're a winner. Prizes may be changed at any time. Winners are selected at random from all registered users who have posted five or more business reviews.


Review just five businesses and you could win one of the following prizes:

Prizes change often - check back for updates