Podcast Friday - Transistor

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Friday, February 1, 2013 - 9:00am

It’s Podcast Friday and today’s show is not really a podcast; it’s actually streaming radio, a webcast. But they do offer listeners an archive player which means you can stream past shows. So though it’s not something you can record and take with you and play without a cellular signal or WiFi, you can still catch up on past shows that you might otherwise have missed because of a busy schedule or circumstances.

Transistor prides itself on being a combination of an “art gallery, bookstore, record shop, audio electronics boutique, and more…” . Their objective is to bring together vision and sound and with a description like this, I think they are succeeding.

One of the things I love about Transistor is that they have so much that a customer can work with to fuel their creativity. Now I really don’t want to use Podcast Friday’s to review an establishment, I’d rather dedicate an article to it, and so I’m going to stick to this practice. But I will say be sure to click through their website, you will be pleased.

The DJ’s are Amanda Walz, Andy Miles (Owner), Dan Apodaca and Jeff Goldsmith and the music they play comes from a 23,000-song library they have that includes artist from Rolling Stones to Echo and the Bunnyman (a fave of mine) to Vampire Weekend.

Want to listen to some good music while working, driving in your car or just chillin’ and layin’ back at home, check out Transistor. I’m sure for many it will become a fave..

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Tiff Tate

Tiff Tate is a Chicago native and founder of The UnScene Chicago.

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