Podcast Friday - Story Club's Broad Shoulders

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Friday, January 18, 2013 - 8:28am

My goal every Friday is to spotlight a podcast, vidcast or radio program made right here in Chicago. Now it is quite possible that I may introduce you to someone or some organization that I have yet to write about. At first I thought maybe I should do it in that order, article then podcast/vidcast/radio program, especially if the podcast is an extension of something bigger. But then I said…no. Friday is going to be Podcast Friday. Now you may ask why just podcast and not the other two, vidcast and radio program. Because I find that people are still trying to get to know what podcasts are and I am hoping that the vid- in vidcast indicates video and well indie radio programs are far and few because they are going over to podcast. So when I type podcast from this moment on in the article I am talking about all three. But I promise that I will let you know which is what when I spotlight them. So if you're new to podcast this could be a great introduction and possibly listening to a podcast, may be a good way for some people to learn about the website and exactly who they are. 

Well this Podcast Friday spotlight is on Story Club's Broad Shoulders Podcast. Story Club was started in 2009 by Dana Norris because she was looking for a way to share her stories, and in the process she's gotten others to get up and tell their own stories as well. Story Club is a part of the Live Lit Community which of course presents live lit events involving first person storytelling. I will be writing about the other events in the near future and doing a review of Story Club themselves. 
Story Club
Why Story Club Broad Shoulders? Because they constantly send me emails…no I'm just kidding (I've actually just recently signed up for there email list). I've chosen them because I love the title, a play on Chicago's nickname the City of Big Shoulders. I love the theme song, and I think it's done very well. When I say very well I mean the way it sounds AND the content, great story and essay readings. The host are Nico Lang, Dana Norris, and Keith Eckerand and they do have guest stars. Right now there are 5 installments and they do ask on the podcast page if you want to be on the podcast. If so come to Story Club, they're held the first Thursday of every month in the back room of Holiday Club Uptown. Stop by, read a story and win the audience vote. There you have it.
So be sure to check out the podcast and sign up for their emails. If you know of any others I should be aware of, no matter how big or small, leave a comment below, I'll definitely look them up
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