It's Time To Think About BlogHer '13 - July 25th -27th

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 8:30am

Have you ever been to a huge conference, said to be the largest, where the speakers and attendees are mostly women who specialize in social media? Well then have I got an event for you. It's called BlogHer '13 and it's being held here in Chicago. Chicago has had the fortunate opportunity to have held it three times. 

BlogHer is a website that aims to be a one stop guide to women bloggers. If you want to get a list of women bloggers who write about subjects from politics to sports to tech, BlogHer is where you should visit. With over 22,000 blogs and an multitude of members since 2009, BlogHer has set itself, or herself, up to be the leading website for women online to network and to get an array of information. 
With great power there must also come great - you thought I was going to say responsibility didn't you - opportunities to reach out to multiple communities of women and to gather some of the hottest bloggers on the net. To do this BlogHer decided to put together a BlogHer annual conference. This year it's BlogHer '13 and it'll be their ninth. Yes, these women have been busy.
It's being held at the humongous McCormick Place and Sheraton Chicago for 3 days - July 25th - 27th - and the amount of people who will attend will be spectacular. Registration has already begun. Oh for the record, there will be men attending as well. BlogHer tells that 10-15% of the attendees ARE men. No excuses gentlemen.  
Attending is a great chance to meet some of the great writers on the net today. These are women who dedicate themselves to giving information that's not only informative but most times impressive. Mark it on your calendars and be sure to keep checking back on the website for the list of awesome speakers that are planning to wow you. Hope to see you there.
"BlogHer '13 is open to anyone and everyone who considers themselves part of the social media landscape. All genders, ages, ethnicities, and levels of blogging experience are encouraged to attend! There's something for everyone." ~ BlogHer website
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Tiff Tate

Tiff Tate is a Chicago native and founder of The UnScene Chicago.

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