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Friday, October 12, 2012 - 9:59pm

Working in the loop, let me tell you, has its perks.  Endless options for lunch, the thrill of working in a big city downtown, and of course the happy hour deals.  Another pleasant surprise for me has been seeing the actual sights of some silver screen hits.  Being a huge movie buff, I can seek out different movie locations over lunch that have been featured in such films as The Fugitive, Ferris Beueller’s Day Off, The Break Up, The Dark Knight, and so on.  Chicago is a city filled with movie history, and it does not take but a few city blocks to see it.


Start with a classic…The Dark Knight

Whenever I begin a movie lunch walk I start with LaSalle street.  It's home to a recent iconic Chicago movie spot.  Definitely one of my favorites!  With a backdrop of the Chicago Board of Trade, stand directly in the middle of the street facing South, and say to yourself “Let’s put a smile on that face”.  If you are still wondering…then you are that one person who did not see The Dark Knight. 

Chicago’s most recent blockbuster (Not counting Transformers 3 for obvious reasons) The Dark Knight, has dozens of shooting locations in the loop.  From LaSalle street, the Lake street El, a parking garage on Randolph, to a now abandoned post office on Wacker, and of course who can forget the Batman vs. Joker chase scene set in lower Wacker.

Don’t Forget about Lunch!

Sometimes I get so caught up with walking around checking out the sights I forget my main purpose. Lunch! One of my new favorite spots is Billy Goat’s! It’s a Chicago staple that was made famous by John Belushi and SNL in the 70’s thanks to three words…well, maybe just one word said three times.  Cheezeborger, Cheezeborger, Cheezborger! It’s convenient for me because there is one in my office food court, but if you want the original experience check out the original at 430 N. Michigan Ave. (The lower Michigan Ave that is)  

If you are like me, you usually eat a bit too much at lunch and need to walk it off. Never fear! Near by at Daily Plaza is the infamous sight for the Blues Brothers final scene (Also featured in TDK and The Fugitive).  Go a few blocks east to find yourself on State Street and do your best Ferris Bueller impression! Being a personal favorite, I try to hit up the Bueller locations but the list can go on and on.

With hundreds of movies filled in Chicago over the years it is tough to find all the hot spots.  If you work in the loop, just take a step outside, be willing to explore, and I bet you’ll find a piece of silver screen history!  

If you're not into them great movies filmed into Chicago, you still gotta eat and check out some classic Chicago Loop restaurants that can't be beat!


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Mark Lawrence
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