A Hungry Harriet the Spy Explores Chicago

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 9:54pm

I live in Old Town, the neighborhood that’s known for Second City, Old Town Ale House (that four-a.m.-bar with crude political cartoons that’s a favorite of Second City-ers), and Frank Sinatra’s favorite rib joint. Old Town may have famous landmarks, but I like exploring its streets, stumbling upon an artsy coffee shop or new French café with spectacular chocolate croissants (La Fournette, you gotta try it.) And along the way, I’ve met some wonderful shop owners who make Old Town feel even more familiar.

Since moving to Chicago two years ago, I’ve enjoyed sleuthing around other neighborhoods too. It’s embarrassing to admit the pleasure I get from discovering a pie shop in the Ukrainian Village, or a highly-curated bookstore in Printer’s Row (I’ve been known to audibly gasp.) My favorite thing about Chicago, to my surprise, have been its diverse neighborhoods, and I love being a local tourist, or rather, a gasping, hungry, Harriet-the-Spy-type tourist.

I’d like to bring you with me on my tours. I hope to show you neat places to go to in your neighborhood, or shops, restaurants, bakeries, bars and events to venture out to. Chicago’s brimming with places to see, so let’s get exploring!

Follow my posts as I write about schvitzing at Red Square Spa (formerly the Russian Bath House on Division St.), digging into a Chicago couple’s homemade—and divine—chocolate sauce, creating my own letterpress at a stationery shop, and trying to break into the Chicago History Museum’s basement (just kidding, but it’s a goal.)

And if you’re in Old Town, come find me! I’ll probably be enjoying that second chocolate croissant…

Photo courtesy of Old Town Merchants & Residents Association

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