Three Dots, One Dash and One Awesome Night

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Sunday, February 23, 2014 - 4:23pm

Last weekend, my wife, a good friend and I wandered into a dark, damp alley. We descended a skull-filled stairwell into one of the raddest drinking experiences around, bro. Who knew that the Mayans had a gnarly satellite dungeon in Chicago?!

Three Dots, One Dash and One Awesome Night

Three Dots and a Dash is an urban tiki bar, tucked below Bub City, near Clark and Hubbard. Featuring a craft approach to both classic and modern tiki cocktails, Three Dots and a Dash marries fresh juices, healthy pours and functional garnishes in a way that you won't find anywhere else. The artful drinks are well balanced and…well…delicious.

Prior to our adventure, I was a little pessimistic about the place. After all, drinks don’t really get me excited and I don’t get out of bed in the morning unless food is involved. This experience, however, was about more than drinks in a trendy bar. It was stimulating on so many levels and completely focused on a host of new, but strangely familiar cocktails, served in ridiculously awesome glasses. (see pictures in the menu below)

The only thing that could have spoiled our night in paradise was the pretentious bartender who I fully expected to trouble for a drink. Instead, a guy named John provided incredible recommendations, happily responding to our myriad of questions and excited remarks. As the night wore on, discussions turned to fine rums prompting John to serve up his very own tropical creation, a rum old fashioned. The drink was exceptional, but the truth is, we’d go back just to hang out with John. Lucky for us, we still have 13 amazing drinks to try.

Three Dots, One Dash and One Awesome Night

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Matt Kent

I am a food obsessed digital marketer living in the south loop. Feel free to visit me at and reach out to talk food, tech, Chicago or food...wait, did I...oh yeah, food. Follow me on Twitter @mkent52.

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