Truex Bluex Spa & Salon in Wicker Park

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Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 5:48pm

Recently I visited Truex Bluex Spa and Salon in Wicker Park, Chicago. I was in invited to tour this new-concept Spa (that is also a salon) by my Twitter-friend, Tina.

Truex Bluex (Pronounced: “True Blue”) is a top notch full-service spa, med-spa and salon which would normally only be located in downtown Chicago.

Let me first tell you that about the spa, which quietly boasts a serene calm beachy atmosphere with its warm woods, weaved natural furniture and cool-toned walls. Everything is new and clean, and the facial, manicure and pedicure rooms all contain the latest state-of-the-art smoothing, soothing and rejuvenating equipment. One of the best things about this spa is that the spa is so private and quiet because it’s not on the street level.

Although this is a Spa first, because of the extensive derm-rejuvination procedures and services that are only available in a few spas, the full-service salon features a few hair-dresser stars like my friend, Tina.

I’m a hairdresser and I can go on and on about the salon part of Truex Bluex Spa and Salon, but I think I’d better tell you about some of the exclusive skin procedures available at this fabulous Wicker Park Spa: They have a few of the newest laser technologies including a skin tightening process known as V-Technology which uses bi-polar and unipolar technology.  Which means: if your body can still produce collagen this process will stimulate that production.   They have before and after pictures and you’ve got to see them.  You can lose lots of inches with this treatment!

They also do the new ClearLift which is another laser treatment which is a non-ablative treatment alternative to tradition skin resurfacing and surgical face lifts that boasts virtually no pain and no downtime. Like many of Truex Bluex tightening and skin remodeling treatments, this on can be done in a lunchtime and you get to go back to work!

Dr. Richard Joseph is a board certified licensed medical physician specializing in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Joseph works exclusively with Truex Bluex offering services such as Botox and other injectables.

Please check out my interview with General Manager and Esthetician Kelsey to learn more about Truex Bluex Spa & Med-Spa.

Please check out my interview with Hair Stylist Tina to learn more about the Truex Bluex Salon and thier green product lines. This is an eco-minded salon!

Truex Bluex Spa and Salon is located at 2038 W. Division, in Chicago. Call for an appointment or consultation at 773-904-8507

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