Salsa Event: Bon Voyage Party for Bachata All Stars & Bachata Rising Stars

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Monday, November 12, 2012 - 2:48pm

Last year one of my best friends and co-worker, Megumi, invited me to watch her salsa dance troupe perform at a local Chicago club. I knew she had taken lessons, joined a club, and had begun traveling and performing with an organized amateur group. We used to go out dancing at nightclubs before but she really seemed to take to salsa in the past few years so I couldn’t wait to see her.  When I saw her dance with her group I was blown away.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love salsa dancing, either watching, or dancing themselves. This group that Megumi dances with now, the Bachata Rising Star, are a gathering of individuals who just started out dancing salsa because they liked dancing, like Megumi. And some started dancing for exercise, to meet people, to get out of the house, or just to learn how to dance.

But the Bachata Rising Stars, a semi-pro team, have grown together and now compete and they are just about to attend a dance competition at the 8th Annual Acapulco Salsa Congress!  The Bachata Allstars is their Pro-Team partner and both teams are inviting the public to their "Bon Voyage Bachata Night" as they get ready to take off and represent Chicago in Acapulco.

You can dance and then watch their honed and precision routines while sipping cocktail specials at Mambo Cafe, 3336 N. Milwaukee, on Friday, November 30. Doors open at 9pm and the groups perform at 11 so you’ll get lots of dancing and drinking in before and after the show.

Bachata is a type of Latin Dance described as a tango version of salsa. Dancers love it because it’s a lot more sexy and less serious than other forms of Salsa.

The first 100 tickets sold are at a special pre-sale price $10 and you have to mention Megumi’s name! $15 until November 27th $20 at door

Chicago Bachata AllStars E-mail:

Special performance by Modern Clave who will be representing Chicago at the World Latin Dance this is a Bon Voyage night for Chicago's Talent!!!!!

 (Free Parking Across the street behind the old Aldi, plus plenty free street parking)

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