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Monday, April 23, 2012 - 12:53pm

I just did a guest blog at about natural hair coloring. In my blog I mentioned a few hair color lines that I don’t use but that looked very promising, and I spoke to a few salons, other than the one I work at, to quasi-balance the fact that the blog was highlighting the color line that I use and love--naturally.

One of the salons I talked to was Mera Natural Hair & Body. How I found this particular salon was that they had many positive reviews posted by clients along with wonderful longer comments written about them in the social media world. They also used a hair coloring system called Simply Organics which I knew nothing of yet I had heard about. Mera Natural Hair & Body was perfect to get a few quotes from.

When I talked to Meredith (one of the co-owners) over the phone I was caught up with her love and enthusiasm for the salon, spa & balancing through wellness industry--much like the salon and team that I work with. It was quickly apparent to me that Mera Natural Hair & Body, my salon, and me were partners in helping our clients through service and awareness to achieve inner and outer balance and beauty with as much as a holistic and natural approach as possible; I had to write more about this wellbeing salon.

With just a few stylists and skin and body specialists Mera Natural Hair & Body has grown organically through word of mouth and their convenient location in the heart of Lincoln Park, near the Lincoln, Diversey, Wrightwood intersection, could not have hurt either. But what has really drawn new clients to the salon is the fact that the consumer wants products that don’t interfere with their bodies as well as products that won’t hurt the environment. They respond to what client need and want!

Meredith told me that she has been pleasantly surprised beyond expectations how her newer clients love finding how and what better products are available to them--and she told me, as a fellow stylist, she is ecstatic that these newer natural products actually work better than the toxic ones. Meredith didn’t have to tell me--I’ve been an advocate that natural is better for years!  

Mera Natural Hair & Body uses the color line Simply Organic, it is ammonia free, super-natural, and the color lasts!

Meredith’s sister, Sara, is the other half of this healthy concept salon and she is in charge of the body & skin department. I cannot wait to meet Sara someday too. She’s an expert acupuncturist who assesses each client and what they need whether it be for stress, infertility, acne, or to relieve pain or to enhance movement; and she is actually the person who will do the services which may include Eastern techniques such as cupping.

Thanks to salons like Mera Natural Hair and Body, clients can get what they want: health, balance and beauty.


 Jon-David is the author of the e-Books, Mafia Hairdresser, &, The Glow Stick Gods. Buy his books or he’ll cut (& naturally color) you!: at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa. Look for Jon-David’s upcoming book: “50 Days of 50: One Man’s Sobering Realization That It’s NOT The New 40s.” It’s a humor-filled look at turning 50 and hits e-Book stands in June 2012.

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