Halloween at The Admiral Theatre

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Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 8:48am

I’ve been to men’s clubs, strip clubs, lap-dance palaces, or whatever you want to call them. I’ve thrown bachelor parties for my straight buddies and I even produced my brother’s bachelor-bash which ended up with dancing girls. [That was for his first wedding and I’ll just say this: me and my lesbo cousin threw that party together and his first wife still blames us for their divorce; everyone who attended has kept their mouths shut and had a real good time!] Anyhoo, I love dancers (I do a few girl’s hair) and I love the costume and the sexiness of their performances, but I really love the creativity which goes into their shows.

I’ve never been to the Admiral Theatre in Chicago but they are top-notch in their marketing of their club. Even the way they spell Theater, like 'Theat-re' is classy. I like the humor in their ads. I like the pictures of the girls. And I like the fact that they tell the customer that they are very welcome to watch a show and that is what you are going to see: a real good show that’s super sexy too!

Every year the Admiral Theatre produces a Halloween Show and I love the titles, “Bride of the Stripping Dead,” “Rise of the Stripping Dead,” “Return of the Stripping Dead.” Don’t worry, there’s no porn here. But the videos show you how much theatrics and art goes into putting on these shows and I know that there were no girls harmed in makeup or onstage—and I hope they got lots of tips because these girls work hard to entertain!  Oh! Check out the video for the Sarah Palin strip contest too.

I love this place!Best Hairdresser(That's Mosh, she's from L.A. soo she's pretty and she'll be in Chicago for Bride of the Stipping Dead.)

I love art, music and dancing, and I just know The Admiral Theater is like walking into a Christina Aquilera video, except with more brunettes.  This year’s Halloween Show is only two days-- boo! But if I can, I ‘m gonna scare up some time and go down there and tip some dancers.

General Admission is $40 and, sorry, the VIP admission is sold out.
Mafia Hairdresser
(That's Mark the Knife. He even looks like a funny guy.)

There’s even an entertainment lineup which include their best comics and music performers, Mark the Knife and Voltaire.  “Scooty and JoJo will be on hand to perform cuts from their legendary Halloween show “The Carpenters Halloween” as well as tease the audience throughout the night with other acts of delight!” Check out who Miss Ammunition and Sin Fisted is on the events special website.

Voltaire is the music guy for Bride of The Stripping Dead but he's so much more. Click on pic to find out why I think he's so kewl.


 Thursday October 18th 2012      Friday October 19th 2012

9:00pm                 Costume Contest             Wheel of Misfortune

9:20pm                 Miss Ammunition            Sin Fisted

9:40pm                 Voltaire                Mark the Knife  (Comic)

10:00pm               Intermission       Intermission

10:30pm               Sin Fisted             Mosh

10:50pm               Mosh    Maya Sinstress

11:00pm               Maya Sinstress Scooty and Jo Jo Show

11:20pm               Voltaire                Voltaire

If you see me there, ha-ha--no photos. But I bet I get the most attention, like all gay guys do. We're the best tippers.



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