Why You Should Visit the Chicago Auto Show

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Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 1:39pm

Earlier this week Theresa, auto show veteran and TLT founder, shared 5 great tips for attending the Chicago Auto Show and if you still haven’t made your way down to McCormick Place, you’re missing out.

With hundreds of vehicles, activities for the kids and some great concept cars, here are the top reasons to visit the Chicago Auto Show.


Product Experts – Smart people without a sales quota

Unlike a dealership sales guy, the product experts are no pressure specialists who are there to answer questions and educate attendees. Traveling for upwards of 200 days a year, these men and women, know the ins and outs of every vehicle in their line-up and they aren’t trying to sell you a new car.



Supercars – A glimpse at the “good life”

Hidden along the north wall of the smaller room, the Super Car Garage plays host to Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, McLaren and the $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. As some of the world’s highest performing vehicles, these cars are compact missiles with 500+ horsepower, top speeds that break 200mph and they’ll get your heart racing from zero to 60 in less than 4 seconds. 


Concept Cars – A look towards the future

Looking towards a prosperous future, the show plays host to 15 concept cars including the Mercedes-Benz concept coupe and the Kia Glass - two concepts that will give your current car anxiety issues. With a look towards a slightly dark future, the Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine (ZSM) may not be the ride of your life, but it might be the ride that saves your life. Fingers crossed the ZSM arrives before the zombie apocalypse.



Activities for the Kids

The trade show might not be the most excited for kids, so take the little ones toward Jeep for a rock climbing wall and toddlers driving course. If they’re a little old for those, State Farm has a number of driving simulators and Ford has a slot car track that will peak their interest.



Free Swag

We might not want to admit it, but some of us really love free stuff and pictures with beautiful women. You’re one of these people, here’s how to get your swag and pictures.

  • Volkswagen Sunglasses – Show your Volkswagen key or a cellphone pic of your VW.
  • Toyota Ice Scraper – Take a test ride
  • Ford Tote Bag – Just swing by the Ford booth and say “hi”
  • Jeep Tote Bag – Take a test ride
  • Dodge Tote Bag – Take a test ride
  • $50 MasterCard Gift Card – Talk to a Ford Specialist about visiting a local dealership and taking a test drive. Complete your test drive before the end of March and Ford will mail you $50 MasterCard gift card.
  • Pictures with the Blackhawks Ice Crew – Visit the Chicago Chevy Dealers Family Fun area between (Sat 12-2:30pm & 5-7:30pm and Sun 10am-12pm, 6-8:30pm)
  • Pictures with The Loop’s 2013 Rock Girl, Shannon – Visit The Loop’s show car after 2:00pm (Sat-Mon)


The Chicago Auto Show is open through Monday, February 18th. Check their website for the exact times.


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Chicago Editor Joe Piehl
Joe Piehl

A TLT contributor since 2010, Joe is the Chicago Editor. Outside TLT, Joe keeps an eye out for awesome activities and he writes a travel blog: Joe the Explorer.

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