Brunch at Porkchop

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Monday, April 16, 2012 - 9:39am

Brunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the morning, in between the normal time of breakfast and the normal time of lunch, as a substitute for both of these meals. The term was coined in Britain in 1895 to describe a Sunday meal for "Saturday-night carousers."

So while I thought it odd for a barbeque place to serve brunch, the fact that Porkchop is a  whiskey bar as well certainly lends them to the "Saturday-night carousers."


When I first saw Porkchop I thought “This place serves brunch?” I walked up to the door and saw a sign that reads No Shirt, No Teeth,  No Service. Then I see a stuffed head of a wild boar where we were greeted and then we were sat by a wall of saws. Seriously, this place serves brunch? Well, I am hungry (obviously) so let’s give this a shot!


Four items total were sampled and each seemed to be a little better than the one before. Fluffy cornmeal pancakes were first. They were slightly thicker than your IHOP short stack and were served with warm maple syrup. Why doesn’t everyone heat up syrup? It’s so easy to do and it’s only like 100x better than cold syrup! Chicken and waffles is next and to this day many people cringe when you mention this combination. For anyone who’s drizzled honey on fried chicken before or even dipped their bacon into their pancake syrup, this salty sweet combination should not scare you in the least. This version featues thinly pounded chicken breast in a super crunchy coating on top of a fluffy but not very sweet waffle. But then I poured the warm ancho chile maple syrup and I got all the crunchy, salty, and sweet that my heart desired!


Even better than the chicken was the pulled pork sandwich, Chicago style! I know pulled pork is southern but have you ever had your steaming hot pulled pork topped with warm smoky barbeque sauce on top of a pretzel bun? Yup, just like we like our burgers on pretzel buns this sandwich is thankfully devoid of the generic pressed white bun that turns into pink paste before you’re half way through eating.  Last thing today was the bacon glazed doughnuts. These sticky gems were not just glazed but dusted with powdered sugar and topped with crumbled bacon! No it’s not weird, it’s awesome! Go get them!


So after having my belly filled and really taking in the funky décor I feel that this is a perfect brunch place for the "Saturday-night carousers." Skip the fancy pants brunches at the hotels and country clubs, that’s for the snooty people who get dressed up for this sort of meal. Come as you are, unshaven and all, and enjoy some good belly filling food that will help shake off whatever last night might have left with you. Most items are under $10 with only a couple going over. Rating *** and ½ (good/very good) out of *****.


*Hungry Z was an invited guest



941 W. Randolph

Chicago, IL 60607

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Zoran Sopcic
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