From Vienna to Chicago-Julius Meinl brings European flavor to the Northside.

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Friday, April 12, 2013 - 10:22pm

What's great about Chicago is that despite the weather, there is always somewhere to go and things to do.  My husband and I were overdue for a date night, so we headed to Vienna-based Julius Meinl (4363 N Lincoln Ave) on a cold rainy evening to warm up to some of their famous coffee and have a light dinner.

Julius Meinl is actually a chain of sorts, located in more than 70 countries worldwide. Chicago is the only city that houses their cafes.

Upon entering you can already feel the aura of a European coffeehouse; its warm interior can lift anyone's spirits. Their trademark, a small boy dressed in Turkish attire, is a common theme throughout the place. This symbol pays homage to the Ottoman Empire that swept through Vienna and introduced Turkish delights, including their coffee, to the locals. 

I ordered a cappuccino and the quinoa salad, both great. I just LOVE how they bring your drinks-on a silver platter with a tall glass of water and a side of their famous caramel biscuit. These cookies are so popular that they actually made a Caramel Biscuit Latte out of it. 

Julius Meinl Mural

Julius Meinl is not only known for their quality coffees and organic teas but also for their natural fruit preserves and their pastries. They serve from brunch to dinner for those who want to make a meal out of their experience. The coffeehouse features live classical and jazz music on Fridays and Saturdays, making it a great alternative for a Friday or Saturday night outing. I also noticed on my menu that there is going to be a Poetry Slam on April 25th, so poetry is appreciated here, too.

An array of coffees and teas are available for home brewing as well if you want to impress your house guests.

I can't get enough of places that let you escape from your whereabouts and allow you to feel you are in another destination. Chicago is very well known to partake in this-after all, it is a world class city. We may all not be able to hop on a plane to Vienna right now, but at least we can get a little piece of it right here in our backyard. 

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